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WPS Office

Get ready to turbocharge your paperwork with WPS Office, the office suite that's so light, you'll think your hard drive is on a diet! Jam-packed with features that would make a Swiss Army knife look under-equipped, WPS Office is your go-to guru for crafting documents in Writer, dazzling with Presentations, and slaying spreadsheets. Wave goodbye to work woes as you hop between ports 3000 and 3001, where your productivity playground awaits on RepoCloud. This nifty app is nestled in the cozy comforts of Docker Baseimage KasmVNC, sprinkled with extra environment variables and run configurations for a tailor-made experience. Plus, with its savvy multi-platform awareness, it's like having a GPS for your architecture, always guiding you to the right image. Host it on RepoCloud, and watch your wallet thank you as you bid adieu to costly cloud hosts!


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