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Unleash your inner Picasso with 'Whiteboard', the NodeJS-powered digital canvas that's as lightweight as a feather and as collaborative as a beehive. Picture this: multiple maestros doodling in harmony, with every cursor dance visible in a real-time ballet of creativity. It's chock-full of tricks like the magical undo/redo, the nifty image and PDF teleportation via drag and drop or the classic copy-paste spell, and the artful image manipulation - resize, twirl, and sketch to your heart's content! Jot down your eureka moments with text and sticky notes, and when you're done, immortalize your masterpiece as an image or a JSON scroll. Fancy some geometric flair? Hold 'Shift' for lines and squares as straight as an arrow! Whether you're on a PC, tablet, or mobile, 'Whiteboard' is your go-to for everything from WebRTC conference artistry to online learning symphonies. And with RepoCloud hosting, you'll save a pretty penny while you sketch, strategize, and share. So why wait? Doodle your way to collaborative genius with 'Whiteboard' on RepoCloud!


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