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Get ready to turbocharge your coding productivity with Wakapi! This nifty open-source sidekick is like a fitness tracker for your keyboard fingers, giving you the lowdown on your code-tapping marathons. Dive into a sea of stats and see where your time is really going—be it Python, JavaScript, or the elusive art of Whitespace. Flaunt your coding prowess on public leaderboards, collect shiny badges to bedazzle your readmes, and get a weekly digest of your digital doings straight to your inbox. Crafted with love by fellow code whisperers, Wakapi is the ultimate wing-app for developers seeking to level up their game. And when you host it on RepoCloud, you'll be saving more than just time—you'll be saving dough, too! So why wait? Start tracking, analyzing, and boasting about your code conquests today!


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