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Introducing Vaultwarden: the renegade cousin of the Bitwarden server family, crafted for the self-hosting superheroes! This lean, mean, Rust-written machine syncs seamlessly with official Bitwarden gadgets and gizmos. Perfect for solo cybernauts, familial flocks, and small squadrons of techies, Vaultwarden shuns the heavyweight hullabaloo of its official kin. It's brimming with bells and whistles like vaults for both lone wolves and teams, password parades, access gatekeepers, file add-ons, and a smorgasbord of two-step verification methods including email, Duo, YubiKey, and FIDO2 WebAuthn. Live sync keeps your desktop, browser, and mobile (both Android and iOS) in harmony. While it might give the cold shoulder to big-league features like single sign-on and directory syncing, Vaultwarden is the go-to for those who prefer their digital fortress on the cozier side. And with RepoCloud hosting, you'll be saving more coins than a video game plumber, all while basking in the glory of open-source camaraderie!


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