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Trilium Notes

Trilium Notes

Embark on an organizational odyssey with Trilium, the note-taking maestro that transforms your sprawling thoughts into a meticulously crafted knowledge empire. Picture a labyrinth of notes, where each precious idea is nestled in its own cozy nook or boldly strutting in multiple places at once. Unleash your inner wordsmith with a WYSIWYG editor that's more decked out than a unicorn at a disco – tables, images, and math equations will dance at your fingertips, with markdown jazzing things up on the fly. Fancy yourself a code whisperer? Syntax highlighting will make your source code snippets shine like constellations. Trilium's got your back with ninja-like versioning stealth and attributes that organize and query your notes like a personal librarian with superpowers. Sync your brainchild across the digital realm with a self-hosted sync server, and sleep like a baby knowing your intellectual treasures are encrypted tighter than a duck's feathers in a rainstorm. Doodle your way to clarity with Excalidraw, map out your mental metropolis with relation and link maps, and command your domain with a REST API that's like having a genie in a bottle. Hosted on RepoCloud, where the cost is as tiny as an ant at a picnic, Trilium is your trusty steed, ready to gallop through note jungles of epic proportions, all while keeping your wallet as plump as a Thanksgiving turkey. Get ready to note like you've never noted before!



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