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Get ready to streamline your life with Radicale, the little engine that could of calendar and contact servers! This pint-sized powerhouse lets you sync up your schedules and peeps with ease, using the magic of CalDAV and CardDAV. Want to share your busy bee calendar or that Rolodex of contacts? Radicale's got you covered with sharing over CalDAV, CardDAV, and even plain old HTTP. It's like a Swiss Army knife for your events, to-dos, diaries, and biz cards. And the best part? It's a no-brainer to set up – it practically runs straight out of the box. Keep the snoops at bay with authentication and TLS encryption, because your plans are top-secret. Compatible with a whole host of CalDAV and CardDAV clients, Radicale keeps things tidy, storing your data in a neat folder structure that's as organized as your life will be. Fancy a bit of customization? Plugin to your heart's content! Plus, hosted on RepoCloud, you'll be saving dough while supporting the open-source vibe. Radicale is not just free as in 'free beer' but also free as in freedom, thanks to its GPLv3 license. So why wait? Get your life on track with Radicale on RepoCloud!


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