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Get ready to turbocharge your DNS management with PowerDNS-Admin, the Swiss Army knife of web interfaces for PowerDNS! This isn't just any old zone manager; it's a zone-conquering, template-tweaking, user-wrangling powerhouse. With role-based access control, you can play gatekeeper to your domain's kingdom, doling out privileges like you're the monarch of the internet. Fancy a bit of espionage? The activity logging feature is your secret agent, keeping tabs on every move within your realm. And when it comes to authentication, PowerDNS-Admin is like a bouncer with a VIP list, only letting in the crème de la crème through Local User, SAML, LDAP, and OAuth with the cool kids from Google, GitHub, Azure, and OpenID. Plus, it's got two-factor authentication (TOTP) for that extra velvet rope security. Monitoring your PDNS service configuration and stats is a breeze, and with DynDNS 2 protocol support, you're basically the DNS whisperer. IPv6 PTR record editing? Easy-peasy. And with a full embrace of IDN/Punycode, it's like United Nations for domain names. Whether you're a Docker devotee or prefer other methods, PowerDNS-Admin is ready to roll. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be DNS-ing like a pro without breaking the bank. It's open-source, it's powerful, and it's waiting for you to take the helm!


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