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Postgres Backup

Introducing the 'PostgreSQL Time Machine'—okay, it's actually called postgres-backup-s3, but it's just as magical! This nifty app is like a digital safety net for your precious PostgreSQL data, whisking it away to the mystical lands of Amazon S3. Picture this: your databases are partying on the cloud, and this app is the responsible chaperone, making sure they get home safely, on schedule, every time. Want to throw all your data babies into one big, cozy archive with a neat timestamped label? No problemo! And for the secret agents among us, there's even a top-secret encryption feature. Just whisper your password, and voila—your data's in a digital vault, impervious to prying eyes. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll save more gold than a leprechaun on a budget. It's the backup guardian you never knew you needed, until now!

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