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Ploi Roadmap

Embark on a journey of organizational enlightenment with Roadmap, the open-source sherpa for your project planning adventures! Imagine a world where your roadmapping is as customizable as your coffee order – extra foam, no lid, with a dash of user mentions and upvote sprinkles. Roadmap is like the Swiss Army knife of planning tools, complete with a Filament admin panel that's slicker than a greased otter slide. With roles as clearly defined as a superhero squad – administrators, employees, and users – everyone knows their superpower. Leap tall buildings with OAuth 2 single sign-on, and marvel as your branding colors come to life in OG images that automatically pop into existence. GitHub integration? You betcha! Assign repositories to projects like a boss and wrangle issues without breaking a sweat, all from the comfort of your roadmap command center. Built with the muscle of PHP and the brains of a database, Roadmap on RepoCloud is your ticket to cost-effective, feature-rich planning glory. So why settle for less when you can map your way to success and save a few bucks while you're at it?


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