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Introducing Opera, the web-surfing maestro that dances to its own tune on the Chromium stage! This browser is not just another face in the Chromium crowd, thanks to its snazzy interface and a suite of extra features that make it stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses. Ready to take it for a spin? Just clickity-clack your way over to http://yourhost:3000/ or secure your seatbelt with https://yourhost:3001/. Craving pixel-perfect images? Crank up the Stream Quality to 'Lossless' and watch as Opera delivers a visual feast at breakneck frame rates. But wait, there's more! You can toss in a handful of Chromium CLI flags for an extra kick of customization. And don't fret about those pesky permission squabbles between host OS and container; Opera's got you covered with user PUID and group PGID settings. Hosted on RepoCloud, you'll be singing operatic praises about the lower costs and harmonious hosting. Bravo, Opera, bravo!


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