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Introducing MailCrab: the crustacean sensation that's taking the dev world by storm! This nifty email test server is like a cozy beach for your development emails to scuttle onto. It's an SMTP server that doesn't just accept all your emails—it throws a party for them with a web interface that lets you spy on your email guests. Peek at their fancy formatted outfits, snoop through their attachment luggage, eavesdrop on their header conversations, or go full detective mode with the complete raw email dossier. MailCrab is platform-agnostic, feeling right at home in both amd64 and arm64 sandboxes, thanks to Docker. Crafted with the speed of Rust, both its pincers—backend and frontend—are snappy and efficient. The backend plays lifeguard, watching over unencrypted email waves on your chosen port, while the frontend is like that one friend who knows all the gossip, fetching email metadata and buzzing when new messages arrive via websocket. Want to open a message? Just click, and voilà! Need to tidy up the beach? Send a few crab commands to mark messages as read, or sweep them away into the ocean. With MailCrab, hosted on RepoCloud, you'll save buckets of sand dollars compared to other cloud hosts. So why wait? Let MailCrab scuttle into your dev life and make email testing a beachy breeze!


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