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Step right up to the digital stage with LinkStack, the open-source maestro of link management! Imagine a world where Linktree and its kin step aside to let you orchestrate your online symphony of links. With LinkStack, you're the conductor of a customizable link-sharing extravaganza, complete with a user interface so friendly, it practically winks at you. Hosting on RepoCloud? You'll be saving more dough than a budget bakery, all while keeping your data as private as a secret handshake. Businesses, influencers, and link hoarders rejoice! You can now marshal your URLs onto your own server, waving goodbye to data-hungry third parties. Fancy a self-hosted fortress of solitude for your links? LinkStack's got you covered, with a drag-and-drop setup so easy, even your grandma could do it while knitting a sweater. Get ready to link like you've never linked before, all under the watchful, privacy-loving eyes of LinkStack.





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