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Get ready to shrink those lengthy URLs down to size with Kutt, the open-source superhero of link management! This nifty app is your go-to for transforming unwieldy web addresses into neat, tidy, and oh-so-clickable mini-links. Wave goodbye to link chaos and hello to slick, custom-branded URLs that you can track with ninja-like precision, thanks to Kutt's detailed stats. Fancy a bit of API action? Kutt's got you covered, enabling you to whip up, zap away, and peek at URLs from the comfort of... well, anywhere! Chrome and Firefox users, rejoice! There's a browser extension with your name on it for one-click convenience. And the cherry on top? It's as free as a bird, with the added perk of hosting it on RepoCloud, where your wallet can take a breather with our lower hosting costs. So why wait? Make your links short and your wallet happy with Kutt on RepoCloud!


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