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Unleash your inner comic book hero with Komga, the superhero of servers for all things comics and mangas! This nifty app transforms your device into a fortress of fandom, where you can leap through libraries, soar over series, and flip through books with the grace of a web-slinging wonder. Whether you're lounging on your couch with a tablet, stuck at your desk, or on the move with your phone, Komga's responsive web UI has got your back. Organize your epic collection with the finesse of a master archivist, curate read lists like a literary DJ, and tweak metadata like a secret identity tailor. With Komga, you're not just reading comics; you're living them, thanks to a web reader that offers multiple reading modes to match your adventure style. Manage your sidekicks with multi-user access control, keep the young ones safe with age restrictions, and maintain your secret lair with label restrictions. Fancy yourself a tech wizard? Komga's REST API is your magic wand to connect with other tools and cast automation spells. Download entire sagas, detect doppelganger files, and teleport books right into your series folder with the ease of a snap. And for the ComicRack cbl read list aficionados, Komga is your loyal sidekick. Hosted on RepoCloud, where the cost is as tiny as Ant-Man but the service is as mighty as Thor, Komga is the open-source beacon of light in the comic universe!


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