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Get ready to turbocharge your browsing with Hiccup, the zippy start page app that's like a personal pit crew for your links! Wave goodbye to the digital clutter and say hello to drag-and-drop simplicity, where organizing your favorite URLs is as easy as pie (and just as delightful). With Hiccup, you're the maestro of your domains, conducting your links into harmonious categories that dance to your every command. Need to switch gears? No problemo! Hiccup's multiple profiles let you flip between link sets faster than a chameleon at a disco. And for the control freaks in the house, the built-in config manager is your new BFF, keeping your link configurations tighter than a hipster's skinny jeans. Hosting this bad boy on RepoCloud? You'll be saving more dough than a bargain bakery, all while enjoying the sweet, sweet serenade of full keyboard navigation. So, park that static webpage on your home server or pop a new tab, and let Hiccup launch you into a world where your most treasured links are just a keystroke away!


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