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Hasty Paste

Introducing 'Swift Smear', the zippy little app that's all about slapping your text on the web faster than you can say 'copy-paste'! Perfect for flinging debug logs across the digital universe to help your fellow devs squash those pesky bugs. It's the digital equivalent of a public park bench—open to all, no secret handshakes needed. Each of your text masterpieces gets its own random ID, with a 'long' ID option for those who like their security like they like their coffee—extra strong. And for texts that shouldn't linger, we've got self-destructing messages that would make a spy proud. Bask in the glory of a dark theme that's as easy on the eyes as a sunset, with syntax highlighting that's like a rainbow for your code. 'Swift Smear' is leaner than a greyhound, skipping the need for JavaScript like it's last year's tech. Pick your storage playground with our custom flat-file system option. All this, hosted on RepoCloud, where the cost is as tiny as the app's resource footprint. 'Swift Smear'—because when you need to paste with haste, accept no substitutes.


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