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Ignite your server with Flame, the sizzling startpage that transforms your server into a personalized launchpad of digital delight. Picture this: a dashboard so sleek it makes your digital life feel like a walk in a well-organized park. Flame lets you juggle your apps and bookmarks with the finesse of a circus performer, thanks to its snazzy GUI editors. Fancy pinning your go-to tools and sites? Flame's got you covered faster than you can say 'hot stuff coming through!' With a search bar that's more intuitive than a mind reader, you can sift through the web with 11 search providers or add your own secret sauce. But wait, there's more! Flame's got a security bouncer, ensuring only you can tinker with your precious digital treasures. Customize to your heart's content with more color themes than a unicorn's wardrobe and a custom theme builder for the fashion-forward user. And because we know you love the weather talk, there's a widget that's like having your own pocket meteorologist. Plus, with Docker integration, Flame automatically adds apps like a tech-savvy sous-chef. Hosted on RepoCloud, you'll save enough to treat yourself to a fancy coffee – because who doesn't love a good brew with their blazing fast startpage?


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