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Unleash your inner Da Vinci with Excalidraw, the open-source sketchpad that's like a magic carpet for your imagination. Sketch, doodle, and draft up a storm with an array of whimsical tools that'll make your rectangles jealous of your circles. With an infinite canvas that's more boundless than your dreams, you can scribble away to glory with a hand-drawn flair that screams 'I'm an artist!' Fancy jazzing up your masterpieces? Image support and a treasure trove of shapes await your command. Speak the language of diagrams with localization, and when you're ready to show off, export your work to PNG, SVG, or straight to the clipboard. Want to keep your doodles digital? The .excalidraw json file has got your back. And because we're all about that 'no strings attached' life, arrow-binding and labeled arrows let you point out the obvious with style. Made a boo-boo? Undo/redo is your time-traveling sidekick. Plus, with zoom and panning, you can get up close and personal with every pixel. But wait, there's more! Team up in real-time, with end-to-end encryption that keeps your secret plans for world doodle domination safe. Host it all on RepoCloud, where the only thing lower than our costs is the chance of you wanting to leave. Get ready to collaborate, create, and save a fortune in the process!


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