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Docker Registry

Docker Registry

Ahoy, container captains! Navigate the high seas of software with Docker Registry 2.0, the swashbuckling storage system for your Docker images. This app isn't just a treasure chest; it's a full-blown pirate's cove, compatible with Docker 1.6 and newer, and ready to parley with the Docker Registry HTTP API V2. Whether you're building a registry armada or just want a cozy cove for your private collection, Docker Registry 2.0 is your trusty first mate. It's the backbone of famed fleets like Docker Hub, GitHub Container Registry, and more. Plus, it's chummy with the CNCF Harbor Project and VMware Harbor Registry. Stow your digital goods, manage your booty, and share your treasures with ease. All aboard RepoCloud, where you can hoist your sails at a fraction of the cost, and let the open-source winds guide you to efficient, professional-grade content distribution!


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