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Unleash your inner app wizard with Corteza, the open-source low-code cauldron bubbling with features to concoct your digital masterpieces. Crafted with a dash of Golang backend and a sprinkle of Vue.js frontend, this platform is your magic wand to wave together native web apps faster than you can say 'abracadabra!' With Corteza, you're the puppet master of your software universe, bending record data sources to your will, transmuting data into the gold standard of JSON, and conjuring up an infinite array of web applications and process workflows with the sorcery of block-based tools and Javascript spells. Floating on the cloud-native carpet of Docker containers, Corteza promises a broomstick-smooth ride through the app development skies. And the best part? It's as free as a genie out of its bottle, forever and for everyone. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll save enough gold to fill a leprechaun's pot, all while keeping your data under your own spell. Get ready to be the Merlin of modern tech!


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