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Dive into the digital sea with Coral, the app that's making waves in the world of web commentary! Imagine a place where discussions are as smooth as a dolphin's glide, and trolls are as rare as a sunken treasure. That's Coral for you – a smart, sleek platform that turns your website's comment section into a bustling hub of insightful banter. With Coral, your visitors can spot the journalists in the crowd, shush the noisy parrots, share their pearls of wisdom, and get pinged with updates faster than a message in a bottle. But wait, there's more! Moderators get a treasure chest of tools to spotlight the gems and send the scallywags walking the plank, all with the help of our brainy AI first mate. Hosting on RepoCloud? You'll be saving more doubloons than a frugal pirate, while keeping full command of your ship – no ads, no trackers, just pure, uncharted interaction. Customize this beauty to match your flag, and watch as your community sails across the seven seas of dialogue. With Coral, used by the captains of industry from The Washington Post to Wired, your website will be the talk of the digital town – in 14 languages, no less! So hoist the sails and set course for engagement paradise with Coral on RepoCloud.


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