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Get ready to turbocharge your app's security with Authorizer, the Swiss Army knife of authentication! Wave goodbye to the headache of user logins and say hello to building fortress-like apps at the speed of light (well, almost). With Authorizer, you're the puppet master of user data, storing it wherever your heart desires. Fancy a sprinkle of OAuth2 or a dash of OpenID? You got it! And for those who like their sessions as secure as Fort Knox, we're serving up HTTP-only cookies with a side of mobile-friendly Authorization Code flow. Whether you're a SQL savant, a NoSQL knight, or a GraphDB guru, Authorizer speaks your language. Customize those emails like you're Picasso and hook up webhooks for a real-time data fiesta. Plus, with email OTPs, you'll have that extra security spice that makes hackers cry. Deploy on RepoCloud, where the cost is as tiny as a bug, and watch your auth service soar. Authorizer: your all-in-one pass to easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy authentication and authorization!


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