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Get set to enhance your real-time applications with Soketi Serverless – the websocket solution that offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to budget concerns because with Soketi, you have full control over your infrastructure expenditure. This high-speed tool ensures rapid message delivery within an impressive 100ms, showcasing exceptional performance with its C muscle and Node.js flexibility. Seamless integration with Pusher Protocol v7 allows for secure code management. Soketi effortlessly scales to meet the needs of startups and enterprises alike, leveraging Redis or NATS without breaking a sweat. Benefit from built-in app management features, compatibility with various databases, and real-time notifications via HTTP Webhooks. Deploy on any cloud provider or on-premises servers to reach users globally. Soketi is the open-source solution that harmonizes with diverse databases, catering to your real-time communication needs with unparalleled efficiency and reliability through Rejoicehub LLP opensource deployment service.


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