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Get ready to turbocharge your website's analytics game with Shynet, the open-source ninja that slices through the fog of user data without compromising on privacy. Say goodbye to the creepy feeling of tracking users across the web and hello to a treasure trove of aggregated insights that'll have you understanding your digital dojo like never before. Shynet is like having a crystal ball for your website, offering real-time analytics, stealthy session tracking, and a magical primary key integration that works wonders. It's a single-page application's best friend, keeping tabs on user movements with the grace of a gazelle. Fancy managing a fleet of services? Shynet's got you covered with unique tracking scripts that are as easy to set up as a lemonade stand. And for the tech-savvy sorcerers, there's an API that whispers sweet data nothings right into your code. Perfect for the small business sensei, the web developer wizard, or the data analyst alchemist, Shynet is your go-to for making decisions that are sharper than a samurai sword. Plus, hosting it on RepoCloud won't break your bank like a bull in a china shop, giving you more bang for your buck with the same high kicks of premium analytics platforms.


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