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Meet Shiori: the no-nonsense, pocket-sized librarian for your digital bookmarks. Crafted with the sleek Go language, this little wizard works its magic both as a command line charm and a web wizardry. Wave goodbye to cluttered bookmarking; Shiori is all about the 'add', 'edit', 'delete', and 'seek' spells for your links. Fancy a trip down memory lane with your old bookmarks? Shiori's got you covered with its Netscape Bookmark file import-export trick and a special Pocket-pulling potion. With a command line interface as clean as a whistle and a web interface friendlier than your neighborhood barista, Shiori is the portable, database-dueling hero supporting sqlite3, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. And for the cherry on top, it conjures an offline archive of web pages, just in case the internet goblins strike. Don't forget the Shiori Web Extension – the browser's new best friend that lets you stash and trash bookmarks without ever leaving your current cyber adventure. All this, hosted on RepoCloud, where the costs are as tiny as the app's footprint. Bookmarking just got a whole lot cooler!


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