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Say goodbye to notification nightmares with Octobox, the superhero app that swoops in to rescue you from the chaos of GitHub alerts! Imagine a world where you can sip your coffee without the dread of a notification avalanche. Octobox brings that zen to your developer life, with a nifty 'archived' state for notifications that says 'I'm done with you!' But wait, there's more! If that issue or PR you thought was dead comes back to life, Octobox zaps it right back into your inbox. It's like having a personal assistant who's obsessed with organization. Search, filter, and slice through notifications by all the things that matter: repo, org, type, you name it. Stay in sync with the heartbeat of your projects with real-time updates on statuses, labels, and the ever-important CI status. Open source heroes get this digital sidekick for free, while private project crusaders can unlock supercharged notifications for a few gold coins. Hosted on RepoCloud, where your wallet can relax, Octobox is the trusty utility belt tool for devs aiming to conquer the codeverse with grace and poise.


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