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Get ready to amp up your Discord server with Muse, the self-hosted melody maestro that's here to revolutionize your eardrums! This bot isn't just a music player; it's a full-blown concert in your chat room, minus the overpriced snacks. Ideal for your tight-knit band of buddies or a growing ensemble of music aficionados, Muse lets you stream tunes with the finesse of a DJ scratching records. Fancy a mid-song guitar solo? Seek within tracks like a music ninja. And for those with an insatiable Spotify addiction, Muse converts your fave playlists, artists, albums, and bangers into Discord-ready anthems without breaking a sweat. Custom shortcuts? You betcha! Multiple guilds? Like a rockstar on tour! Volume normalization? As smooth as your favorite jazz riff. Crafted with TypeScript's magic and extendable like an accordion, Muse is the cheese to your digital Packers tailgate party. And remember, in the realm of Muse, every track plays to the end – because here, we're all about the music, not mutiny!


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