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Introducing ICEcoder, the web-based wizard of code editing that's transforming the way we weave the web! Imagine being able to conjure up code from the comfort of your browser, both online and offline, without juggling a circus of different programs. ICEcoder is your coding sidekick, allowing you to test your digital masterpieces on real-world web servers and keep them in tip-top shape post-launch. And for those who prefer the desktop domain, as long as you're buddies with PHP 7.0 or higher, you're golden. This feature-stuffed tool comes with a treasure trove of goodies like multi-cursor magic, a wardrobe of over 80 highlighting themes, a find & replace wizard, fortress-like login security, a helping hand for your code, a visual diff display to spot those sneaky changes, and a database management charm with the Adminer plugin. With ICEcoder 8.1, you can now unleash the power of regex in your search quests, double-tap tabs to tuck away your file manager, and bask in the glow of active line number highlighting. All this, plus a cauldron of enhancements and bug banishments, makes ICEcoder the go-to grimoire for coding sorcery on RepoCloud, where hosting your app doesn't cost you a dragon's hoard!


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