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Meet Homer: your digital butler for the web! This nifty little app turns your server's homepage into a swanky, easy-to-navigate dashboard. Imagine all your digital doodads and services lined up like ducks in a row, just a click away, thanks to a yaml file so simple even your grandma could edit it. Homer is like a party on your server, where the guests are your services, and the dress code is full static HTML/JS chic. With features like search-ability, customizable group hugs for your services, a wardrobe of themes, and offline health checks that are like a stethoscope for your server, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. And for the keyboard warriors, there are shortcuts that'll make you feel like you've got superpowers. Best of all, Homer feels right at home on RepoCloud, where it enjoys the high life without the high price. So, why not let Homer organize your digital life, while you kick back and enjoy the simplicity?


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