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Introducing Gotenberg, the Swiss Army knife for PDF manipulation that lives in a Docker container! Imagine a world where PDFs bend to your will, and Gotenberg is your magic wand. Wave goodbye to compatibility woes as this stateless API juggles HTML, Markdown, Word, Excel, and more, transforming them into sleek PDFs with the ease of a developer's dream. But wait, there's more! It's like having a PDF ninja that works round-the-clock, thanks to its asynchronous mojo with webhooks that send your shiny new PDFs wherever you fancy. Fancy a bit of DIY? Gotenberg is as modular as your favorite childhood building blocks, letting you snap in custom modules like a tech-savvy MacGyver. And for the cherry on top, you can whip up your very own Docker image, adding new tools to your arsenal and paving fresh routes to API glory. Host it on RepoCloud, and you'll be the PDF hero without the villainous costs. Let the PDF party begin!


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