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Say goodbye to bloated comment systems and hello to Cusdis, the featherweight champion of chit-chat widgets! This open-source marvel is the ninja of the comment world, sneaking in at a mere 5kb JS SDK size—so light, your website won't even know it's there. Privacy? Check. User-friendliness? Double-check. It's like Disqus went on a digital diet and came out leaner, meaner, and more respectful of personal space. With Cusdis, you get the full monty: dark mode for those midnight musers, i18n for the global gabfest, and email notifications so you can high-five new commenters with the click of a button. Want to mingle with your tech stack? Set up a webhook and watch Cusdis become besties with your favorite tools. And let's talk hosting on RepoCloud—where your wallet can take a breather with free self-hosting, a complimentary cloud with just enough bells and whistles, or go Cloud Pro for the all-you-can-eat buffet of features. Get your gab on with Cusdis, where every word counts and your site stays sprightly!




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