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Get ready to tickle your eardrums with Audiobookshelf, the self-hosted maestro of audiobooks and podcasts! Imagine a world where your digital bookshelf is as tidy as a Marie Kondo episode, with every author, series, and title in perfect harmony. That's what Audiobookshelf brings to the table when you give it a home on RepoCloud. It's like a librarian with a tech degree, pulling info from your meticulously named folders to serve up your audio tales on a silver platter. Fancy some metadata magic? Audiobookshelf's got that ID3 tag trickery down pat. Docker aficionados, rejoice! It speaks your container language fluently. And when it comes to setting up shop, Easypanel is your modern-day wand to get that server purring. Host it on RepoCloud, where the cost is as sweet as the sound of your favorite narrator's voice, and you've got yourself an audiobook haven that's music to your ears (and wallet). Press play on Audiobookshelf and let your literary adventures begin!


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