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Introducing Ackee: the Node.js ninja that stealthily tracks your website stats without ever compromising user privacy. Picture this: a sleek, minimalist dashboard that's all about the numbers – views, referrers, session durations – served up on a silver platter, all while nestled comfortably on your own server. It's like having a personal analytics butler, minus the tuxedo. With Ackee, you're the master of your domain(s), literally. Add a dash of domains, stir in some tracking codes with a flick of your wrist, and voilà! You're cooking with gas. And let's talk about privacy seasoning – Ackee's got a secret sauce, a multi-step anonymization recipe that would make even the most privacy-conscious grandma nod in approval. Unlimited domains? Check. Speedy interface? Double-check. A GraphQL API that's like the Swiss Army knife for your data? You betcha. So why settle for less when you can host with RepoCloud and save your dough for pizza night? Ackee's got your back, your front, and everything in between.


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