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TechCrunch Minute: Quantum computing’s next era could be led by Microsoft and Quantinuum

Date 09 Apr, 2024

Writen by Alex Wilhelm

Position Senior Reporter


The tech world is incredibly focused on AI and its applications today, but artificial intelligence is hardly the only place where progress is being made. If you want to get really into the weeds, pay attention to the progress that quantum computing is making, as made evident recently by an announcement from Microsoft and Quantinuum.

The pair of companies made what TechCrunch described as a “major breakthrough in quantum error correction,” which could make quantum computing systems far more usable than before. The gist is that they encoded several physical qubits into a single logical qubit, which made it easier to detect and correct errors. The error rate in quantum computing is a material issue to the technology’s performance, making the news that the two companies managed “run more than 14,000 experiments without a single error” pretty big news.

So, if you get a little tired of consumer AI apps, and new NFTs or whatever your personal technology bugaboo is, just know that deep in the labs there is real progress being made on tech that could blast what we have today out of the water. And that, my friends, is encouraging!

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