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15 August 2022

How Can One Get Featured on Big Websites

Drashti Ramani

UI/UX designer

August 15, 2022

8 min read

UI/UX Design

How Can One Get Featured on Big Websites


Have you ever asked yourself how to get your work or ideas on well-known websites? Whether it is a news site, blog, or a widely recognized platform like “Rejoice Hub”, features can help you get more exposure and reach a bigger audience.

1. Create High-Quality Content

The first step is to produce content that is well written, informative, and valuable to the audience. Ensure that your articles, videos or other creations are well researched and error free. The high quality content is more likely to be viewed.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding of the website's audience is important. Adapt your content to their interests and needs. Your work should be in tune with the audience of the site you are looking to feature.

3. Build Relationships

Establish Trust- Building relationships with those already featured on the website could prove beneficial. Interact with them via social media, email, or other communication means. Authentic relationships may open up for joint projects and prospects.

4. Pitch Your Ideas

Give a presentationMany websites take guest posts or submissions. Check their guidelines on how to contribute and then give a presentation. Your presentation should be brief, and it should give the reason why your content would fit well with their website.

5. Be Consistent

Continuity of work is a must. Try to keep up with your content creation and have an effective online presence. You get more chances of being recognized as you produce more and more.

6. Promote Your Work

You can market your work once it has been published on a major website. Share it on social media, send an email to your subscribers and ask others to help you promote it. This way you will get more people to see your work.

7. Stay Persistent

Stay PersistentIf you do not get featured immediately, do not feel discouraged. It may take a while before your work gets noticed by the big websites.Just continue making efforts, developing your content and also reaching out to the right people.

8. Learn and Adapt

Pay heed to the feedback you are getting. Learn from your experiences, and change your approach as necessary. This will assist you to enhance your probability of being featured in the future.


Many people set the goal of getting featured on top websites as an achievement. By making high-quality content, developing relationships, and relentlessly pursuing your objectives, you can boost your chances of being noticed and featured on such outstanding platforms. Keep working for your goal, with time and effort you might see your work displayed on major websites. Good luck!


Written by Drashti Ramani

UI/UX designer

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